Events and Experiential Marketing — I have orchestrated pop-ups and long-term residencies featuring nearly 200 star chefs and brand activations for powerful companies from around the world. With a massive global network of chefs, journalists, industry leaders, and tastemakers, I am your connector for collaborative dinners, strategic brand partnerships and everything in-between.

Content Creation — My writing has been featured in prominent publications including Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, TIME Magazine, and National Geographic, and my photos have run in outlets like T Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Whether it’s ghost-writing cookbooks, refining website copy, or building a cache of photos for use on social media, I can help you tell your story thoughtfully and beautifully.

Local Expertise, Global Awareness — After nearly two decades of dining around New York City and extensive culinary travels in over 25 countries, I have the experience and perspective to assist in translating existing concepts to new markets. Through menu engineering, trend forecasting, and targeted community outreach, I will work to identify the niche where you can thrive.

Identity and Culture — Brand identity goes far beyond logos and fonts. In launching a new concept or modifying existing systems with an eye towards longevity, cohesive messaging is crucial to both employee retention and impactful interactions with your audience. The dynamic programming I curated at Chefs Club meant constant reinvention. Together, let’s utilize what I learned from that exercise to critically analyze how your unique vision is communicated internally and externally.